Friday, July 27, 2007

Good Idea/Bad Idea

So last night we were at a restaurant and we noted one of the plates have a severe chip in it. We joked about cutting ourselves with it and bleeding all over because our server was ignoring us and we thought that might get his attention. All the sudden I said

Good idea: eating out in a restaurant.
Bad idea: bleeding out in a restaurant.

If you’re wondering where that came from or if it sounds slightly familiar, it was on the cartoon show Animaniacs and was titled

Some examples from the show are:

Good idea: playing in the park.
Bad idea: playing in the parking lot.

Good idea: having breakfast served to you in bed.
Bad idea: having tennis balls served to you in bed.

Good idea: cleaning your dog.
Bad idea: dry-cleaning your dog.

Good idea: doing your own yard work.
Bad idea: doing your own dental work.

Good idea: playing the piccolo in the marching band.
Bad idea: playing the piano in the marching band.

Good idea: playing catch with your grandfather.
Bad idea: playing catch with [using] your grandfather.

Oh it was a funny show. What a random time to remember it.

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