Thursday, April 30, 2009

The best plans.....and Burgundy paydirt

Well, good news and bad news. I guess I'll give you the bad news first. To get from Bordeaux to the CDP area is an all day train ride - as in leave at 8am get there at 5pm. Our plan was to go Saturday, however, we don't want to waste an entire Saturday travelling there, particularly since not much is open Sunday. So, we've opted to take CDP out of the mix. It just didn't seem like it was going to be worth the travel time and addition to a few other reasons: there's one or less hotel in CDP so everything would require a car, which we didn't want to rent and there's no public transportation so we just felt like we'd spend an arm and a leg on taxis. Sad, I know. We'll make sure to drink some CDPs if we have the chance and to buy some as well to make up for not visiting the region.

On to the good news - that means we'll get more time in Burgundy and Bordeaux. We're going to spend 4 nights in each instead of 3 and we're going to spend Sunday travelling between the two so its really not much of a lost day (it also is an 8-9 hour train ride). While looking at the train schedules and really plotting out the actual itinerary, I was starting to stress how we'd have to fit in everything we want, so this will work out best anyway and give us more time in each region.

(sidenote:I'm actually not 100% sure our chosen Chateau Monlot has availability for all three nights - he hasn't responded yet- but that's ok, we'll deal with it. I'll keep you posted.)

In the meantime, I hit paydirt with a couple of Burgundy sites - the general Burgundy Tourism site and the Burgundy Wine Tourism site, which is most useful as it lets you search Domaines that also have rooms available. Oh, I was excited when I saw that!!!! I've already sent about 6 emails out asking about availability. Its about 3 in the afternoon there, hopefully they respond soon so I can finish my booking this week!!! Wish me luck!

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LucyinStLou said...

Good, good luck! I'm sure you'll love having the extra time in Burgundy and Bordeaux.