Monday, April 6, 2009

St. Louis Weather

Just a mere two days ago, Saturday, I was sitting outside, reading Rick Steve's Guide to France with a tank top on, enjoying a glass of wine. Mr Lush mowed the lawn and then joined me, reading some Kurt Vonnegut book. We both got a smidge pink and actually have tan lines. Glorious, really, I love a little color and as long as its not a burn, I'm good with it.

48 hours later....and I'm trying to decide if I should go with 2 or 3 layers for the ballgame today. *Sigh* Why would I go to a baseball game today when its supposed to be 38 degrees as the high you ask? Well, its OPENING DAY and you must, simply must, go to Opening Day if you're a fan, regardless of weather. Plus, I scored some awesome tickets 16 rows behind home plate and I've been to colder games before. Luckily, according to the wind will be at our backs.

Hopefully, with a hood and plenty of $9 ballpark beer, that will make it tolerable. While I wish we had Saturday's weather today, I still say Go Cards!

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