Monday, April 27, 2009

Help on info on places to stay in Bordeaux

Ok, so I've been struggling with figuring out how we're getting where within France. Mainly, how to get from train stations to a hotel or Chateau. The Rail system map makes it look like it stops at bigger cities only and while I can search for tickets and times, I have to know the station names. ARRGGGH.

So finally, I found a map that you can search and it lets you add in the option to see some "wine tastings" - usually these are Chateaux, possibly tourist boards. Here you go. Click in the child-like map and a new window pops up. After you check the grape box at the bottom, your screen will look something like this:

If you zoom in you can see the train track lines, which should help, albeit a little, to guide on how far you are away from the train stations and which towns/villages might be close to which stations.

However, it appears this is just for Bordeaux. But that's fine at this moment because that's what I'm researching. I'll worry about Burgundy when I get there. The map isn't perfect and I warn you, it will move to make room for those info boxes...BUT at least I can see if I want to stay at a certain Chateau that offers nightly accomodations, I can check to see the closest city. It helps, a little.

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LucyinStLou said...

Thanks for posting this. Your research is going to help a lot of people trying to navigate a France tour later. (Most importantly, us!)