Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Raincoat Lifestyle

As you know, the weather in the Lou has been all over the place, some warm, some chilly, but the one constant is that its been raining at least a couple times a week. Last Saturday when it was pouring, I decided it was time to get a rain coat. I picked up a cute red Calvin Klein one and I've been unable to find the exact picture of the one I got but this is really, really, close.
Mine doesn't have the buckle for the belt - its a wrap/tie belt, but other than that, its pretty close. You probably can't tell, but it has a hood. (the one in this pic does too - but what I like about it is from the front you can't see the hood. ) It was a bit more expensive than I wanted to pay, but Mr. Lush reminded me that we'll probably need it in Ireland so I should get it. (I think he was happy I found one I liked in the first store and he wanted to get shopping over with, but whatever, I'll take it) I actually found TWO I liked and Mr. Lush was so cute....he even told me to get the belted one because it was "much more fashionable". :)
But, let me tell you how much I LOVE the raincoat lifestyle. Love it, love it, love it. First, its been years really since I had a lightweight jacket I actually liked and wasn't a freebie from a work event. (I guess I had convinced myself I don't need a jacket for so long I believed it.) Plus, wow, love the fact that I can walk outside when its spinkling/light rain without an umbrella - its really glorious! Of course if its pouring, I'd still carry an umbrella, just because I don't want to get my purse/face/wet, but luckily its not monsoon season here and my new red raincoat has been perfect.
Love the Raincoat Lifestyle. Love it.

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