Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chateau hopping...rude or no?

Ok, so Mr. Lush and I talked about it last night and we think since we're getting into Bordeaux at night (7 or 8) we'll stay in the city that night at some decently reviewed 2 star hotel, (save some money) spend the next morning/early afternoon in the city, taking in a few wine tastings (hopefully one the night we get in - evidently at least one wine bar is open until 11:30!).

Then we might stay 2 nights at a Chateau, like this one for a more budget deal or this one if we want to splurge a bit and stay at a place that has Grand Cru wines. (Of course, I will continue to research for Chateaux who have rooms available, these are just two of the options.)

Here's my you think its rude to stay at one chateau and want to go visit another?? (as long as buy something from them?) Or do you think that’s expected?

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LucyinStLou said...

I am clueless. One would expect that most tourists who visit wouldn't limit themselves to one spot, but who knows?