Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stocked up and a hot weather red

I've taken advantage of a few sales lately and so I'm happy to report our wine fridge is nearly full with really good deals. One of my recent purchases was an 18 bottle purchase that I got on sale, then another discount and then free shipping - between all the discount I think we ended up with an average per bottle price of $13, which we needed because another shipment was a bit more expensive and we need a bit of relief.

Of course, we promptly tried a wine that was going to be a contender for my wine club's "Old World Wanna-be's" theme next month - the 2006 Ventana Rubystone. Its listed as a Rhone style blend, with 62% Grenache and 38% Syrah.

I was really excited to have this based on the tasting notes:
Liquid silk caresses the palate with intense flavors of black cherry, black currant and candy apple. It is full bodied and full flavored with a lovely lingering finish. This gem of ours will complement many of your favorite dishes.
And also the Awards:
SWEEPSTAKE - Best Red Wine, Monterey Wine Competition 3/09

GOLD - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 1/09

PLATINUM (3 Gold Medals)- Lodi International Wine Competition 2008

DOUBLE GOLD - Riverside International Wine Comp. 2008

GOLD - Critics Challenge 2008

GOLD - Tasters Guild Wine Competition 2008

SILVER - International Eastern Wine Competition 2008

SILVER - Dallas Morning News Wine Comp

2008 SILVER - Hilton Head Wine Competition 2008

SILVER - Grand Harvest Awards 2008

SILVER - Finger Lake Wine Competition 2008

We opened it up....and its ok. I think we were expecting more "full" in the body than it was - it was more like a light american fruit forward pinot, very cherry. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad I have another bottle, but I had really expected it to be a bit more full, have a bit more ooomph, and I think maybe that's why I was dissapointed. I actually think it would be a good hot weather red. Not to overpowering.

I look forward to trying the other wines because bottom line, I liked this wine for what I paid for it. Lots more tasting to do....rough life, I tell ya....

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