Thursday, June 26, 2008

Artesa Chardonnay

In light of our sad wine fridge, I made a case white wine purchase through a recently joined wine club as well as stopped by Sam’s Club and wine shops to pick a bottle up here and there. (its always easier to stock up when you buy a bit at a time. In the past few nights we’ve tried a few note worthy chards (well, note worthy for those who like or might like chards one day). The first was a 2006 Artesa Carneros Chardonnay. Green apples, but not tart….it had just enough cream finish to remind me of an apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream. I liked it more than Mr. Lush did-I think he prefers a bit more of oak, and this has some stainless steel aging along with oak, to give it a slighter clean, but lingering finish, if that makes sense. Here’s the tasting notes from the winemaker:
Lemon blossoms, green apple and honeydew melon are front and center in this Chardonnay. This crisp fruitiness is combined with nuances of creme brule, vanilla, toasted macadamia and humidor cedar making this wine both easy to enjoy and seductively complex. Supple and silky yet crisp enough for food, a great accompaniment for food and friends.

More to come on our chardonnay love affair…..

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LucyinStLou said...

I'm not sure that I'm up on your love affair, but Chardonnay aged in a more stainless type of finish is more up our alley. Perhaps with time, I'll be won over.