Friday, June 6, 2008

Commercials about one night stands?

So, watch this....

The shorter version on the TV isn't quite this long (

Now, it WAS on Comedy Central and it was on after 10:30. But still, I was a little suprised at it. Occasionally I get astonished at how half of society seems to embrace casual sex and the other half is pushing for abstinence.

First, I will say I am in no way, whatsoever offended by the commercial, in either its short or long versions. I just don't know if it was necessary to tie in sex with this. Just a wild night of partying and getting sloshed could warrant an energy drink. I'm not sure adding the sex tie in was needed. Although a really funny, I will be suprised if it doesn't get pulled or pushed to even a later time slot, seeing how its summer. All it'll take is a few 13 year old girls asking "Mommy, what's the walk of shame?" while they sip their Amp Energy drink.

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