Thursday, June 19, 2008

SITC-Unanswered questions


This post contains spoilers on the Sex in the City movie.

Last night I went to see SITC with my friend Lucy. Luckily I had managed to avoid all spoilers, although I did suspect there would be a twist of some sort. Of course it ended with a nice neat bow but left some unanswered questions for me.

-What about the penthouse? Did Big end up buying it again? What about that great closet?
-What the heck is the deal with Big not being able to find Carrie after the wedding fiasco? I know, New York is a big city, but come on…doesn’t he know her favorite restaurants/shops? I mean Steve tracked down Miranda at the rehearsal dinner, why couldn’t Big track down Carrie? Sure, maybe he gave her space and all that, but come on. 5 months and he couldn’t run into her somewhere??
-Did Miranda move back to Brooklyn?
-Speaking of Miranda, hello-waxing isn’t the only way to keep the bikini area less bush-like.
-And really, Samantha didn’t cheat on Smith? Doesn’t that seem out of character of her? Or at least to get some post break up fling with her hot neighbor, Dante?

I have more commentary type fodder, but those are what left me puzzled.


LucyinStLou said...

So I know we discussed this at length at dinner, but I can really see Big not tracking Carrie down. Didn't want to seem like a stalker, felt bad, etc. But...what I found less weird is that he didn't just assume he'd be added to her blocked senders email list and send the love letters with a dozen roses to her apartment, say one a week or so. Or at least pony up for some stamps and MAIL them. The guy's loaded for goodness sakes!

WineLush said...

I see him not wanting to stalk her-because really Steve showing up at that party was pretty sad.

But it wasn't like Big ever tried to find her. Finding and stalking are different. There might be a fine line in this situation, but at least give it a try every other month, perhaps.

For example, lets say a month later- send a dozen roses every week or so with one of those love letters. Then maybe try to find her at the end of the month. Still doesn't want to see you? Ok-wait 2 months, try again. At least try to find her twice in six months, don't just wait for you dream house together to seal the end of the deal. It was really the whole thing of "He doesn't know you phone number" that got me. Please. If you wanted to, you could get in touch with her. Hell, people who have sealed adoptions find a way to contact their parents-Big could certainly get a phone number.

Plus, if he couldn't "find" her, how was he getting those shoes to her????