Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chardonnay and salmon crustinis

We recently hosted a wine tasting meeting and my beloved Chardonnay was featured, along with Sparkling. Of course, being the host and loving Chardonnay I was tasked with finding the perfect dish...something that was finger food, but didn't need to stay hot. After pouring over articles and recipies, I improvised and mixed two receipies. One is for a grilled salmon and one is for smoked salmon crustinis. I didn't want to use smoked salmon, as I'm looking for complimentary flavors to the wine, not overwhelming.
I apologize for the non-specific measurements, I had to wing it and don't exactly remember:

Mix olive oil and Terragon in a bowl. Brush over salmon filet, with skin on it. (obviously don't brush the skin side) Grill. Flake off into very small pieces. Let cool, refrigerate. Meanwhile, get ital bread, brush with olive oil, bake. We baked at about 400 for about 12 minutes. Let toasts cool. Spread toasts with herbed goat cheese and brousin. (I personally used more boursin than goat cheese, because I didn't want it to be overwhelming with the wine.) Put on salmon. viola! It was really good and it was also good with the wines. We had varying levels of oakiness and buttery-ness- it went well with it all.

I also made asiago and mozz stuffed mushrooms, which were good with the crisper whites. The most expensive thing we tried tied for my favorite- it was the 2005 Netwon Unfiltered Chardonnay. Given a 96 by WS, it lived up the hype. Now, we just need to find better jobs or finally win that lottery we've been hoping for so I can afford the price tag- $55. Ouch.

But alas, that's what is great about the wine club-getting to try all those fun wines.

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