Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New World - wear your style and be proud!

My good friend Lucy recently blogged defending Cal-Ital blends. (California blends that are “Italian style” blends) It got me thinking….why does it have to be a choice between New World or Old World? Why can’t we like both? (like the Lush's and Luce's)

Sure, California Meritages and “Bordeaux style” blends don’t taste exactly like Bordeaux. Even ones that are supposed to taste like it don’t really. And who cares? Isn’t that what makes wine great-that there’s so much variety? I, like Lucy, have no desire to have the same wine at night.

And furthermore, who says new world wines have to be a “style” (like “Bordeaux style” or “Italian style”?) Why can’t it just be a wine all its own??

Now that I think about it, that might be contributing to the viewpoint…its like New World wineries are trying to copycat Old World Wines…almost making an argument that old world wine is better. Like the New World Wines are playing dress up in Mom’s clothes or something. No, New World is a style and that’s ok. It can be its own person (wine).

So, come on New World-quit talking yourself down, but still charging (in many cases) more than Old World Wines. Build a better case for yourself….maybe then Old Word snobs will see you for what you are- your own grown up style. Wear your style and be proud!!

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LucyinStLou said...

I couldn't agree more! I think we are at a turning point. When I was in Paso, more than one winemaker mentioned that while CA kids used to go to France to be educated in enology NOW the Europeans are sending their kids to UC Davis to learn about "modern" methods. Of course, people are up in arms about this too. After all, they don't want everything to taste New World anymore than we want everything to taste Old World. Like you said, why can't we all just be comfortable with our own style?