Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gas or shoes?

I just realized how much gas costs. I know, I know. Have I been living under a rock? I mean, yes, I have seen the price creep up and now it takes about $60 to fill my coupe's tank up. I got that. But yesterday, while I was waiting for an appointment, I went through my purse and found a $10 coupon for DSW that expired yesterday. I thought, well I guess I'll just go after my appointment. Then I realized the closest DSW to me was about 25-28 miles away, or 20 miles but through a TON of rush hour traffic. My coupe gets about 25 mpg overall, with about 60-70% highway driving. I realized it would cost me about $8 in gas to get there and back to use my $10 coupon. Wow. Holy crap.

Which is more amazing-that I just now realized how much it takes to go somewhere or that I just talked myself out of buying a pair of shoes???


LucyinStLou said...

Horrfying isn't it? I never thought we'd be those people who didn't do something because of the price of gas, and for the most part we aren't. But...if it's just a shopping trip or something like that, we're more aware too.

LucyinStLou said...

Thanks for helping me figure out the picture in post thing! I had to post here to prove that it works.