Friday, June 20, 2008

Get phone #s and addresses via text message

I want to share something neat with my fellow bloggers. If you can text message, you can get addresses and phone numbers (of businesses) for the price of a text message. I have a package of 400 text messages, so its free for me. Here’s a couple scenarios in which this worked for me:

Scenario 1: I was out on a Sunday and wanted to eat sushi. I knew most were closed, and didn’t want to drive all over town to find one. So, I pulled over and created a text message that said:

Seki 63143

The 5 digits after that were the closest zip code I knew by heart-which happened to be like 10-15 miles away from where I was. I texted that to google. (spelled out in numbers- 446453) Within one minute I had the address and phone number for Seki in the Loop and was able to have my Sunday afternoon sushi lunch.

Scenario 2: Another time, I was out shopping in an area of town I don’t frequent often and need to run by a Bank of America. So, I looked on a receipt of the store I just left, and texted:

Bank of America 63118
To “446453” And got 3 text messages telling me the closest Bank of America’s to the zip code I was in and I found it no problem.

I happen to know a few zip codes around town since I used to live or work in various parts, but even if you only know your own, you can still get information-you just might have to scroll through a few text messages. Anyway, its neat, and a heck of a lot cheaper than dialing information, so I thought I’d share.

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LucyinStLou said...

This is a really handy tip! Maybe I'll be slightly less lost in the future. (A girl can dream, right?)