Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer drinking habits

Recently Lucy and I were talking about our summer drinking habits and I mentioned how we need to stock up on whites for the summer. (Our new 100 bottle wine fridge was full of reds, but the white side was very gloomy looking.) She mentioned how the Luce's drink a lot of red during the summer with the grilled meat. I had never really thought about it, but while we do have steaks and ribs and brisket multiple times during the summer, we do end up drinking much white wine and our consumption is nearly flip flopped. Although Mr. Lush is a grill master, BBQing Lush-style is an event that takes hours. This means we don't have a ton of grilled meat in the heat of the summer, as I don't like to make Mr. Lush stand out by an open flame for 5-8 hours. (I said it was an event, didn't I?) Because it is an event, we typically only BBQ for company. Its very sad, but do stay tuned for good BBQ pairing posts to come.

I wonder if others are like us and switch to a primarily white wine menu during the summer or if they are like the Luce's and let the grilled meat lead them to joyous consumption of red. Is it a temperature driven decision or a menu driven decision or both? Food for thought, as I sip a glass of chardonnay.



Claire said...

First & foremost, we're red wine drinkers...but there's something to be said for a nicely chilled bottle of Sancerre or rose' in the heat of summer. We're often not in the mood for the big reds we adore, so yes, our wine buying & drinking habits turn more towards whites, rose', & lighter reds.

Mr. Lush's grilling expertise is quickly becoming the stuff of legend!

WineLush said...


You know, I don't really prefer reds or whites.... it really depends on my mood, my meal (or lack thereof, as some just taste good with food and not so good without, and visa versa), and it depends on the temp. Coming home on a hot Thursday afternoon after sitting in traffic to a glass of chilled white just sounds good, you know??

We'll have to have you guys over to meet Layla and have some of Mr. Lush's BBQ so you can judge for yourself. I will tell you this secret-our favorite sauce is indeed store bought, but not the rub (which is my contribution to the Lush Grilling).

LucyinStLou said...

In addition to the reds we do drink quite a bit of rose'. I suppose that's our concession to the heat. But, indeed, I do know our drinking habits are backward. Find a white that pairs really well with steak, though, and we'll be converted.

WineLush said...

No, no, I totally understand why you want to have a glass of red with a steak. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of steak in the summer- Mr. Lush is often working in the evenings.

But, even if we do have a steak (and thus a bottle of red) we'll usually preface it with a bottle of white.

However, I have a bit more "insulation" than you do Lucy, so that might also be why I need a cooler drink in the summer. :)

Claire said...

"Coming home on a hot Thursday afternoon after sitting in traffic to a glass of chilled white just sounds good, you know??"

Do I ever....