Friday, June 20, 2008

Pregancy pacts-what are we coming to?

Today I heard about this “pregnancy pact” where 17 girls (all under/around 16 years old) in a school in Massachusetts promised to get preggo by whoever might have able sperm (One of these girls are reportedly pregnant by a 24 year old homeless guy) and then they would all raise their babies together.

What a sweet bonding experience, right??!!??

Seriously, what is wrong with these girls? I’m well out of high school, and I’m MARRIED and I have such zero desire to have a baby right now that I have three daily alarms to remind me to take my birth control. Three-that’s right…my work calendar, my cell phone, and my personal email. Am I going a little overboard? Possibly, but that habit started out when I was in high school and having a baby was about the scariest thing ever. Now its not scary, I’m just not ready to be totally completely responsible for someone else. (which is proven by my relative impatience with potty training a PUPPY- something that will only last a few months, versus years)

Its insane to me-sure, people can still have successful lives after having a kid in high school, but why make it harder to succeed? Why go through that effort? Why not get your life together, then should you want to, bring a kid into the world?

For the record, I want to say I support any and all decisions to have or not have children at whatever age and/or period in life you want. I don’t care if you’re gay and want to have kids or you’re heterosexual, married, and financially secure and DON’T want to have kids. It’s all a personal choice.

My beef with girls in high school having kids on purpose is that its pretty likely most of those will end up on some federally funded assistance program. I mean, how can they not when some of them have less than as sophomore level education?? I can’t use my tax money to pay for my friend’s vasectomy and so I shouldn’t have to pay for food and shelter and health care for some low self esteem having teenager who thought having a kid meant someone would love her.

Graduate high school, get a job, save up a bit of money, then go ahead and have a baby if you want. But don’t make me pay for it. Our economy is in enough trouble as it is.


LucyinStLou said...

Chills...Chills & naseua.

Steve & Stepher said...

Isn't that a sick and twisted tale of the times we live in? I first read about it on a Childfree board I frequent and my jaw dropped to the floor.

Insanity. Pure insanity...