Monday, June 16, 2008

I take my showers BEFORE work, how 'bout you?

I’ve worked in two places in my life that had showers in the office area. One was a manufacturing corporate office built in the 1950’s, and said shower was in the gym. Yes, they had an old gym with equipment older than me. So, yes, they had two showers and that makes sense with a gym.

However, in my current job there’s two private bathrooms with showers. I don’t work in a manufacturing plant, nor is there a gym. Just two showers. I’ve always thought they went unused but today I went in there and it smelled like someone had just taken a shower (like smelled like bar soap and shower gel, that type of thing). Sure enough, the shower was wet. How odd. Who takes showers at work??

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LucyinStLou said...

Is it like in an executive area where people might have worked all night?

The only possibility I can think of is that more and more people are riding their bikes to work these days. Could that be it? Odd indeed.